We believe we are a legacy to the industry by introducing light weight jewellery, making of the world’s largest Jimmiki and being the first light weight boutique jeweller in India.We have been in the industry since 1979, originally in gold financing and then migrated to retail jewellery outlet in 2004. We at Indira are trying to create a culture of unique classic and light weight jewellery which inspire those discerning elite.

Clients across Kerala usually asks us a question, What do you mean by Boutique Jewellery?
The Boutique Jewellery means to stand away from the crowd and mainstream jewellers selling common jewellery. The Boutique Jeweller is run by the family itself. All members of the family takes different roles and we have appointed a couple of staffs to support us.

The Location: The location of The Boutique Jeweller is in the middle of 1.5 acres land of the Pillaidath family ie: inbetween their residences. The boutique jeweller is located in the heart of Kottarakkara but chooses to be away from the rush of township. The loacation is a great advantage for The Boutique Jeweller indicating two themes, first, to fullfill the concept of boutique jewellery experience and second is to shout out we sell unique and different products.

Why the name boutique jewellery?
The word boutique as defined in Webster to our context explains "a small company that offers highly specialized service or products and in Cambridge dictionary ' a small shop that sells fashionable jewellery '
Yes, we offer as defined

Specialised services : What we offer can't be replaced by others. We consult with our clients/brides about their dream jewels, sketch it down with patients and make it alive for them. But on the other hand corporate shops don't have time to entertain their customers for same.
Specialised products : What will you get from the gaint stores around you? The common selling products. Though each corporate brands have their own products they have it across their hundred showrooms, right? We provide you product/designs that is developed from yourself, the first ever, the irreplaceable with no replica or products of mass production. To make the point clear, you need to purchase a home for yourself and you have two options.

First, to buy one among a common looking villa project. Second is to build a dream home by consulting with the architects and skilled people. Yes that's it, we are your architect in building your dream jewellery. We are patient and confident about your ideas.

Why can't you find fashionable jewellery everywhere? Why does it take lots of time browsing for satisfied jewellery? That's because big stores purchases those in that way. They order items from manufacturers/wholesalers who gives the cheapest rate and credit to their stores but The Boutique Jeweller on the other hand selects one or two pieces from each of their manufacturers, ie: being too selective. We select products according to our past client experience, track record and respecting the taste of our geography. Therefore each and every product in The Boutique Jeweller is handpicked for our clients.